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Chipper’s Mom Was Unable To Care For Him, Leaving Him To Be Hand Raised By A Dedicated Volunteer

November 13, 2017

Chipper is a gorgeous little pup who lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her adoring family. Chipper is a mix of some rather interesting breeds, such as Boxer, Shiba Inu, and Pitbull! Born on June 26, 2017, this adorable pup had a rather rough start to his life.

Chipper’s mom, Sadie, was a stray dog, running loose on the streets when she became pregnant. She struggled to survive, scrounging for food among the trash and refuse that scattered the busy streets. On the long, cool nights, Sadie would curl up to sleep on the side of the road or in the bushes that lined the busy sidewalks.

As Sadie grew closer to giving birth, she was rescued by the local animal shelter, who took her in and began to help her prepare for her puppies. Sadie was settling in happily, and things were going great for this former stray. Until she began to give birth. When Sadie went into labor, she began to have severe complications.

Sadly, Chipper is the only one of Sadie’s puppies to survive the extremely rough birth. Sadie survived, barely, but she was too worn out from the birth to care for Chipper, and too depressed to care at all. Therefore, Chipper had to be hand raised by a volunteer.

Chipper lived with the volunteer from the time he was four days old. His family bottle fed and kept him warm as he grew. When he was ten days old, he fell extremely sick. Chipper was unable to nurse from a bottle, and his family even had to learn how to tube feed him to keep him alive.

Chipper’s foster family quickly decided that they would be his forever family, even though they weren’t yet looking for a puppy when they met him! Sadie has gone on to her own forever family as well, where she is a happy and beloved family member who will never have to worry again. Nowadays, Chipper helps the family’s new foster dogs settle into the home and keep them active while they wait for their own forever families. Chipper loves to go on long hikes, swimming in the river and racing down the trail.

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