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Major Reality Television Star Put On Blast After Being Arrested For Writing $13,000 Worth Of Bad Checks

January 16, 2019

It seems like it’s just as easy for a celebrity to find themselves in hot water just as us “normal people” can. The unfortunate thing for them, though, is that once anyone finds out about their “mishap”, it spreads like wildfire and the whole world seems to know about it within minutes.

For one reality star, that seemed to be just the case recently. One string of bad decisions landed him smack-dab on the front pages of news outlets and it’s not looking good for him in the least bit.

To Catch A Predator host, Chris Hansen, is now reaping the unfortunate circumstances of some poor decisions he made in months past. The 59-year-old was recently arrested for issuing a slew of bad checks that all bounced.

The total of bad checks neared a whopping $13,000. According to sources, it was brought to the attention of the authorities when Hansen had made a business deal with a man named Peter Psichopaidas.

Psichopaidas had been tasked to create mugs, decals, and t-shirts through his company called Promotional Sales LTD. Hansen had agreed to pay for the items in full before he received all the items.

Sources state: “An employee who worked for Hansen sent a check for the items three months after they received invoices for the materials. When the check bounced, Hansen apparently apologized to Psichopaidas and said he would make a partial payment.”

Not long after, Psichopaidas made a complaint to the local police. Following this, Hansen made three different promises, all claiming that he would get him the check for the money he was owed. Time after time, the check never once arrived.

Sources state that Hansen made one final attempt at “covering” his charges: “Peter...I truly thought I had this covered...I am scrambling to get it done. Please give me till the end of the day. I sold a boat to cover the rest of this and need to pick up the payment this afternoon.”

Despite his desperation and his pleas, his promises came up empty. No money ever turned up and the cops eventually arrested him for check fraud. He has since been released without bond and is ordered to appear in court at a later date.

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