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Soon-To-Be Husband Tragically Falls To His Death During His Bachelor Party. Now, His Heartbroken Fiancé Left Stunned And In Desperate Need Of Your Prayers

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October 24, 2018

There is nothing like approaching the days of your wedding; making all of the last minute arrangements, chatting with friends and family about everything you’ve planned for your big day, and always being one moment closer to spending the rest of your life with your best friend and soon to be forever partner.


Tragically, one bride’s final wedding days took a devastating turn less than two months before she married her college sweetheart.


Jessica Arnett had just said goodbye to her fiancé, Christopher McGrory, 29. After years of dating and months of wedding planning, Christoper was headed off to celebrate his bachelor party on a cruise ship in The Bahamas.


Chris and his groomsmen were thrilled to embark on their cruise through the Bahamas, but only hours after boarding the ship, things took a devastating turn.

While on the Paradise Cruise Line’s Grand Classica ship, passengers began hearing “Code Blue” over the loudspeaker. Many passengers had assumed that a passenger had suffered from a heart attack- but no one had ever imaged that someone had died.


One passenger, Marcia Lehmann, tells PEOPLE that she saw crowds of people gathered around a stairway. She added, “All we could see was pools and pools of blood and [part of] a white sheet,” Lehman continued. “He fell above us, so it had to have been either the 10th or 11th [deck].”


The man who fell was the 29-year-old groom-to-be, Christopher McGrory. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, Chris “fell on the ship onto a lower deck and did not fall overboard.”

When news circled back to the mainland, Chris’s fiancé was at a total loss for words. Jessica took to Facebook where she shared about her tragic reality. In a brokenhearted announcement, she shared, “With a heavy, heavy broken heart, It kills me to write this as it all seems surreal but I should tell you all my sweet sweet Chris was in a tragic accident and has passed away. We will be holding a viewing in Stuart Florida at Martin Funeral Home 961 S Kanner Highway Tuesday’s viewing is at 2-4 or 6-8:30. The Wednesday service is at 11 am. I’m at a loss for words, that man was my true love and my best friend. Please keep us all in your prayers.”


Please pray for Jessica and the family and friends of Chris and Jessica as they navigate this next time- this is absolutely tragic and we can only pray that they are met with God’s perfect peace.

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