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Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Blooming Romance Takes Unexpected Turn - Fans Are Delighted With The Refreshing News

August 16, 2018

Even though their romance is still new, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are looking ahead to the future and planning accordingly. Although they aren’t engaged or anything, friends say the two are “falling in love” but taking things slowly so as not to mess things up.

And just what does ‘taking it slowly’ mean? Well, it has to do with the physical side of their relationship - and the two are in complete agreement on how to conduct themselves in that regard.

A few weeks ago, the world caught wind of the budding romance between movie superstar Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, and we have been enchanted with watching the two of them together.

Now we are learning a little more about the course their relationship is taking and what we've heard is not at all what you would expect coming out of Hollywood.

According to Hollywood Life, “Chris, 39, and Katherine, 28, are contemplating what could happen down the road, and it’s affecting their relationship now — in a good way. Both Chris and Katherine have allegedly decided they shouldn’t have sex until they get married, according to a source who spoke to OK! Magazine.

“Chris and Katherine are both deeply religious and believe sex should be saved for marriage but they have nothing against showing affection,” the source said.

"Chris has been married before and has a son- Jack, 5. Yes, Chris has obviously had sex before — he was married to Anna Faris and has a 5-year-old son, Jack. We can’t comment on Katherine. But as devout Christians, they’re not interested in having sex casually. They want commitment! Chris and Katherine have gone to church together in Los Angeles several times, so it’s clear that their faith is important to them.

“Katherine wants something sincere with a man who’s in this for the long-term, and Chris checks all of her boxes,” the source said. “If things work out, they both think that sex will be all the more special and worth waiting for.

“Chris is sticking to his rule book. He cares a lot for Katherine and doesn’t want to mess things up.”

It’s refreshing to see people sticking to their principles even though they have achieved fame, fortune, and worldwide adulation. Let’s hope that their example will make an impression on young people that might counteract some of the less wholesome examples that are rife in the entertainment world.

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