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Shocking New Details Emerge After Chris Watts Triple-Murder Confession; His Words Now Haunting Millions

March 07, 2019

In August 2018, the world was horrified by the Watts Family triple-murder case.

On August 13, 2018, breaking news revealed that pregnant mother, Shanann Watts, along with her two daughters, Celeste “Cece” (3), and Bella (4), were reported missing. After the only remaining member of the family gave a rather odd explanation to the police, father, Chris Watts, was arrested and questioned under major suspicion.

In the following days, the Watts girls, Shannon, Cece, and Bella were discovered at Chris Watt’s former job site. Having been fired just days before the disappearance of his family, it was learned that Chris had been gone to great lengths to dispose of his own family’s bodies. Now, nearly seven months later, horrific details are being revealed by Chris.

During Chris’ February 18th confession, he declared the chilling moments that he experienced in murdering his wife, then each of his daughters. Chris told Colorado Bureau of Investigation that he jumped on his pregnant wife after they had fought, then made up, then began fighting again.

It was during their second fight, that Chris admitted to having an affair to which Shanann threatened Chris saying “You’ll never going to see the kids again, you’re never gonna see them again.” At that moment, Chris attacked his wife.

After he had strangled his wife, he loaded her in the bed of his truck. Bella and CeCe sat in the back seats of the cab. According to the confession, Chris drove his family 45 minutes to a remote oil field. He added that each of the girls had their own blanket and CeCe had even brought a stuffed animal along for the trip.

The report reads that “During the ride, the girls were dozing on and off, held each other, and laid in each other’s laps.” After getting rid of Shanann’s body, Chris smothered CeCe in the backseat. Then Bella asked in her soft voice, ‘Is the same thing gonna happen to me as Cece?'”

As Chris went on to kill his second daughter, Bella screamed, “Daddy, No!” and “it was the last words she spoke,” the report reads.

Chris is currently sentenced to five life terms without parole for his heinous crimes. While there is no bringing back Shanann, Bella, or CeCe, we can only pray for their families and others in the lives of evil-thinking people. Please keep their families in their prayers.

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