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Christine Cavanaugh Was The Voice Of So Many Childhoods, We Made A List Of 5 Of Her Most Beloved Characters

December 21, 2017

Christine Cavanaugh was a beloved voice actress who brought to life some of our favorite animated characters. During her 15-year career, she voiced over 106 characters on 41 different shows and movies. We’re glad that we have had years of enjoyment thanks to her wonderful ability to make these characters come to life, but we didn’t realize just how many characters she actually voiced!

1. The main role she is remembered for is the voice of "Babe," in the 1995 film by the same name. When they were originally casting someone to voice the pig in the movie, they were determined to have a child play the role and they refused to listen to her. When she submitted her audition without her age or gender, they immediately fell in love with her work and knew that she was the perfect person to play the part!

2. Chuckie was the funny little redheaded member of the "Rugrats" crew, and he was also voiced by Christine! She often said that Chuckie was the character she most related to of all the ones she did throughout her career. She loved how he was brave when his friends needed him to be, and he’d do things for them that he couldn’t even do for himself when they needed him.

3. "Dexter’s Laboratory" is a beloved show on Cartoon Network that has been loved by millions ever since it first graced our screens in 1996. Christine was the first person to voice him, and she voiced him until 2002! Since then, Candi Milo has taken over as the voice of the character and has been doing her best to bring justice to his fate!

4. In the 1994 kid’s show "AAAHH!!! Real Monsters," she voiced over 20 different characters. However, the main character she played was Oblina, one of the three main characters attending monster school. With her wonderful voice acting, kids couldn’t help but adore Oblina and everything the character stood for!

5. "Cave Kids: Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm" was a 1996 program in which Christine was the voice actor for Bamm-Bamm Rubble! She was an amazing enough actor to have earned the right to voice one of the most memorable animated characters of a generation! She did a wonderful job voicing him and definitely made so many people’s lives better with her amusing voices.