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Iconic Hollywood Actor Slammed With DUI Charge And Astonishing Sentencing - Fans Shocked Beyond Belief

April 16, 2019

It’s always incredibly devastating to hear about another big-named Hollywood star spiraling down a dark road.


The Happy Gilmore star, Christopher McDonald, has found himself in a ton of hot water with the law lately. He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol back in 2017 where he was found guilty of driving recklessly on a highway, crashing into a gas meter and ending up smashed into an embankment.


Following this, a new turn of events has transpired concerning his case.

According to sources, McDonald’s previous sentencing was as follows: “The actor pled guilty to driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher stemming from his October 2017 arrest near Lake Arrowhead, CA.”


It continues: “He was sentenced to 35 hours of community service, 3-year summary probation and an alcohol education program which he already completed - and a day in jail.”


Now, nearly two years following the arrest, a new turn of events has many fans shocked to the core. “He got credit for time served in a jail cell following his arrest so he doesn’t have to spend any additional time behind bars.”

That’s not even the kicker, though. The source finishes by stating: “His other misdemeanor DUI charge was dropped.”


Many fans are shocked that he managed to weasel out of bigger sentencing than that, especially considering his blood-alcohol level and his severe impairment. Sadly, many believe this is only the start of what could lie in the future for McDonald.


Not long after his “lucky break,” he was seen out and about enjoying a beer with friends. Let’s pray that if he drinks, he has learned his lesson and will not get behind the wheel of a car for the sake of his safety and all others on the road as well.

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