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Cici Was Found As A Stray. When They Ran Her Microchip, The Family Refused To Pick Her Up

November 28, 2017

Cici is a beautiful Black Mouth Cur/German Shepherd mix who lives in Pennsylvania with her adoring family. Cici loves to spend her days going on all sorts of adventures - from running down paths to hiking through forests. Cici also loves playing with her toys and balls every chance she gets and can be a bit of a punk to her owners, but they love her to the moon and back.

Cici’s family found her at the Animal Rescue League from Berks County, Pennsylvania, and immediately were captivated by this sweet pup. Her future family spotted her sitting in her kennel, silently staring up at them with pleading eyes. As the other dogs barked loudly, trying to draw their attention, she sat patiently and hoped they would be the ones to save her.

The family decided to ask the volunteers about Cici’s past, to find out whatever they knew about her. Cici had been found running the streets as a stray dog and had been brought to the shelter in hopes she’d be able to return home. When shelter staff scanned her for a microchip, they were excited to learn she not only had one but that the phone number assigned to it was active.

When they called the phone number, the man who answered was confused at first but then told the staff a sad fact. Cici was not their dog, they owned Cici’s brother and were not interested in taking Cici on as well. No one is sure why they ended up registered to Cici’s chip, but it prevented them from finding her true family. She was then registered with a new microchip and placed up for adoption.

When her future family heard her story, they knew they wanted to meet her. They took Cici out for a walk, and she was on her best behavior from the start. She listened to the basic commands, like ‘sit’ and ‘down,’ and showed off how great she was at minding her manners! She was also very cuddly with her family, and they knew she was going to be theirs!

Cici went home with them the very next day, and she’s never left them since. Although she’s got some bad habits and more energy than they know what do with, she’s still their favorite pet. With the help of a trainer, they’re working with her to become the dog she was always meant to be. This little family was meant for each other from the very start.

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