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City Cop Never Expected The Snow-Covered Vehicle In The No Parking Zone Wasn’t Actually A Car

January 19, 2018

When Police Officers in Montreal found a car parked in a snow removal zone, they were frustrated. The signs in the area made it obvious that people should not park there because the snowplows would be unable to clear the snow with a car in the way. The snow-covered vehicle looked oddly like a DMC-12, the car used in "Back to the Future."


The only part of the car that wasn’t completely hidden beneath the snow was a long windshield wiper. When the cops tried to find any identifying information on the vehicle so they could write a ticket, they were quite puzzled because they could find none. They quickly realized that the car wasn’t even real! In fact, it was made of nothing more than a bunch of snow!

You see, Simon Laprise had grown bored in the heavy snow and had begun to look for a good way to kill the time. Luckily for everyone, he stumbled onto the genius idea of building a car out of the snow! The cherry on top had been when he found a windshield wiper lying on the side of the street, as it gave the car the perfect finishing touch.


Luckily, the cops found the entire experience truly entertaining and had a great old laugh about it. They left a note on the snow car, tucked under the windshield wiper that read “You made our night hahahahaha :)” and of course, the jokesters also got a few funny photographs to share with the internet.