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Closely Guarded Secret About Meghan Markle’s Maid Of Honor Revealed - And It’s Not Who Anyone Expected It To Be

May 02, 2018

Much speculation has been flowing through the tabloids over just whom Meghan Markle has chosen to be her maid of honor. First, it was thought she might ask the Duchess of Cambridge, but that rumor has been debunked.

Then suspicion fell to the bride-to-be’s good friend, Priyanka Chopra. We have since learned that Chopra will attend the nuptials, but is NOT slated to be maid of honor.

Now we can report that one of her college chums will do the honors at the Royal wedding on May 19th. Lindsay Roth, with whom Markle has been best friends since her college days, will fill the role. Meghan was the maid of honor for Lindsay's wedding in 2015, so it is only right that she return the favor.

The two met when they were both students at Northwestern University in Illinois and have remained very close ever since.

According to Daily Mail, “Ms. Markle walked behind Miss Roth as she married British accountant Gavin Jordan in Greece two years ago. And now the Royal bride is set to return the favour by making Lindsay Roth her own chief bridesmaid at her wedding to Prince Harry next month.


"Miss Roth is an accomplished author who wrote What ‘Pretty Girls Are Made Of' in 2015, making Meghan the ill-disguised central character of an ambitious actress.”


Not too long ago, Ms. Roth sent an autographed copy of the best-seller to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, for which she received the thank you note. below.


One mutual acquaintance told The Mail on Sunday: “They have been BFFs since college. Everyone was gossiping about how Lindsay is going to be the Maid of Honour but then, a week ago, we were told to keep quiet.”

Then another friend added: “I’m really sorry, I can’t say anything.”

One more bit of evidence is what Ms. Roth’s doorman at her home on the Upper East side in Manhattan revealed when questioned recently, that “she is currently in the UK but said he ‘had no idea’ if she has crossed the Atlantic for a bridal fitting.”


Meghan is sharing her joy with all of her close friends and benefitting from their assistance in both a personal and professional arrangements for their big day at St. George’s Chapel on May 19th.

The presence of so many of her friends, front and center for the wedding, stands in stark contrast to the glaring absence of members of Markle’s own family. Apparently, Meghan formed a new “family” due to her difficult home life, and now those who stood beside her during the rough days are reaping the reward of that loyalty.


Still, Meghan is receiving tons of criticism for excluding most members of her own family. “Last week, her uncle Michael Markle, brother of dad Thomas, told The Mail on Sunday he felt the snub was ‘uncalled for’.”

With only a couple of weeks left before the wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan are focusing on the positive aspects of their big day and are, most certainly, doing their best to ignore any negative remarks that some people are so determined to make.

No matter what, the big day is sure to be one that no one will ever forget. And the bride and groom can go on to make their very own “Happily Ever After.”


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