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Cockatoo Waits By Window All Day, When His Dad Pulls Up His Enthusiastic Reaction Left Millions In Stitches

August 16, 2017

We have all seen dogs waiting eagerly by the door for their owner to get home. Their loyalty and love seem to be unmatched by any other animal. But, what if I told you there was a cockatoo that has most dogs beat when it comes to excitement and loyalty? Don't believe me? Well, allow me to introduce you to Onni, the lovable cockatoo that loves his parents more than anything else on the planet.

Onni had an adorable habit of waiting by the window every day for his dad to get home. Sure, his mom kept him company and was willing to play with him if he wanted but Onni was perfectly content to gaze out the window for hours on end. I guess we know who his favorite parent was. At the same time every day, Onni got a little more excited because he knew his dad would be home any second and, sure enough, Onni's dad pulled into the drive way moments later.

Onni lost his little feathery mind and squawked and screamed in excitement. Onni flew over to the door as his dad opened it and immediately perched himself on his dad's finger. The bird then launched into a hysterical conversation, trying to tell his dad about all the things that happened while he was away. It is safe to say that there may not be a more enthusiastic pet than Onni the cockatoo! Watch the video below to see the hysterical reaction.

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