Colorado Man And His Dog Were Trapped In Their Car When Flash Floods Surrounded Them. Watch The Heroic Moment When Rescuers Arrived To Save Them

August 01, 2017

A man and his beloved dog, Petey, were suddenly trapped when flash floods surrounded the vehicle they were in. The man had parked his car in a dry creek when the flash flood happened. There had been a thunderstorm earlier that day that had caused the flood that turned the dry creek into high waters. The man and his dog had no time to escape.  

When rescuers arrived on the scene they had to move quickly. They extended a ladder truck out over the raging waters to reach the vehicle. In the video, the man hooks a safety line to his dog and pulled the terrified dog out the window. Rescuers then pull the dog to safety as he kicks the air to find footing.

Next, was the mans turn to be rescued. He crawled out on the top of his vehicle, the rescuer assisted him in getting onto the ladder and the 3 then slowly make their way across the ladder to safety. This situation could have turned out much worse if it wasn't for the fast response of rescuers and their quick thinking.

Thanks to the efforts of the Florence Police Department, Fremont County Emergency for this incredible rescue. They had some civilian bystanders assistance too. Everyone worked quickly to save the man and his dog. Watch the rescue below:

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