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Major NYC Explosion Causes Massive Hysteria After Entire Skyline Turns Blue; Canceled Flights And Power Outages Leave Residents Terrified

December 28, 2018

New York City residents experienced a terrifying scene on Thursday, December 27th, 2018.


Con Edison, an NYC electric unit, confirmed that it was a transformer explosion at an explosion at a substation in Astoria, Queens, New York. Con Edison shared that an “electrical fault in equipment that carries 138,000 volts of electricity 20 feet up in the air at one section of the Astoria East and North Queens power plant caused a sustained electrical arc flash.”


The “electrical arc flash” that Con Edison described had caused a massive blue glow to appear above the city.

The explosion, which first happened on Thursday night, shocked onlookers as a scene was eerie and appeared to concern residents. The Daily Mail confirms that the electrical arc is a visible plasma discharge between two electrodes - the one from which the current originates called the cathode and the one toward which electrons flow called the anode - that is caused by electrical current ionizing gasses in the air.

Bob McGee, a spokesperson for Con Edison, revealed that the electrical arc flash is comparative to thunder and lightning event in nature. This particular explosion with Con Edison lasted approximately three minutes. While there were several outages and a large fire, there were no confirmed injuries in the event, however, several homes and businesses lost their power.


Several residents shared the explosion on Twitter, sharing pictures and videos of the explosive action. The blue arc had countless residents confused, terrified, and curious about aliens activity. After learning the source of the blue sky, the NYPD joking confirmed that aliens were not involved in the explosion.


Below are some pictures from residents who managed to capture a snap of the blue skyline.


Thank God all residents and first responders are safe.

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