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Corgi ‘Getting Thrown From Airplane And Into Abyss’ Shocks The World! But Never For What You’d Imagine

March 28, 2018

When we first laid eyes on this story, our stomachs immediately dropped! This recent video was shared online and within only minutes, it went viral and has since been viewed by millions of people around the world. And for good reason!

The video was uploaded to the Internet as “Dog thrown from plane into the abyss below.” The title alone sent people into a frenzy! But what captured the attention of the world was the picture above the title.

The photo that sent shivers down the world’s spin was a little Corgi dog was thousands of feet above what appeared to be clouds. At first glance, it as if the poor Corgi is getting thrown out of a plane!

The video was posted in hopes of making people smile and the individual that posted the video had no clue that the video would pick up so much attention. Although, how can you not visit the video when you think it’s actual footage of a small dog getting thrown off of a plane and into thin air?! The answer: you can’t!

The video appears absolutely chilling, however, it’s actually incredibly cute!

The first glance is sure to give you a panic attack, but after you watch it, you’ll see that it’s not harmful at all! The owner is simply holding his Corgi, whose name is Karma, less than a foot (12 inches) above a fresh snowfall. The owner gently passes Karma into the fresh snow and immediately runs back to his owner for more fun!

To settle your stomach and your nerves, check out Karma’s Instagram!! You’ll see that he’s really quite beloved!

His owner shares that there is no way he would ever do anything to terrorize his cherished dog and that Karma, in fact, loves playing in the snow! Click the “Play” button on the video below!

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