Couple Breaks Record For Being The First To Marry At Mount Everest. Their Photos Are Anything But Ordinary

September 05, 2017

It seems as though, when you are young, you dream of the day when you finally get to say “I do.” It is a moment unlike any other, and holds enormous value and significance. Many dream of having their wedding in a family church, while others dream to be wed out in a vast, open field surrounded by friends and family. Then there are couples, like Ashley and James, who have dreams that seem out of this world.

This couple loves to be adventure and spend a great deal of time outdoors. They are incredibly active and wanted a wedding that portrayed them perfectly. Their unconventional idea landed them with a wedding unlike any other that has been performed. They chose to marry at Mount Everest!

While this is an enormous feat in itself, this couple wanted nothing more than to exchange vows at the top of the world. How romantic is that? Their photographer, Charleton Churchill, is known for photographing outlandishly-located wedding venues. This one, however, trumped all the others. Though the journey to get to Everest wasn’t an easy one, the photos prove it was every bit worth it. Check out the video, below, to see more about this phenomenal couple! Click HERE to see more of these stunning photos.

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