Couple’s Homemade Wedding Cake Crumbles Mere Hours Before The Wedding. A Complete Stranger Overhears The Problem and Does The Unthinkable

September 15, 2017

Matt knew how long it had taken his bride-to-be to make the cake and he was desperate to see if there was anything that could be done to salvage the day, to give her the perfect wedding day she had always wanted. Not far away, at the hotel, was a woman who was a cake decorator. She happened to overhear the story and it instantly tugged at her heart. She knew she couldn’t stand by and do nothing. She approached the couple and told them that she would gladly repair the crumbled cake! This was exactly what Matt had been hoping for! The kind woman quickly took the cake home with her and began making the repairs.


She was able to salvage the intricately ruffled bottom layer of the cake, and managed to spruce up the top tier by covering it with a fresh layer of fondant. As for the irreparable middle layer and the lack of time, she simply used a dummy cake to replace it. As soon as the couple saw her magnificent work, they were absolutely astounded!

To know that a complete stranger had volunteered to step in and save their cake was unbelievably humbling. They couldn’t thank her enough for making their special day even more perfect! It’s amazing how a seemingly-simple and selfless act of kindness could turn their day completely around.

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