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Cow Spent Entire Life Chained Up In Tiny Barn - The Joy He Feels When Freed Will Leave You Speechless

October 01, 2018

When we think of animal rescue, we usually conjure up the image of helpless kittens or puppies who have been the victims of abuse or neglect. They have the good fortune to be discovered by kind-hearted people whose mission is to rescue these unfortunate creatures and give them a second chance at life.

It surprised me to learn that many other types of animals live in distressing situations and could also benefit from intervention by some kind soul.

This uplifting video tells the tale of one poor creature who is not only given his freedom but finds himself on his way to The Gut Auderbichl Farm Animal Sanctuary, in Salzburg, Austria, a virtual paradise for animals like him.

Gut Auderbichl is the largest animal sanctuary in Austria, housing more than 1,000 animals of a variety of species. Here you’ll find not only cows, but also quite a menagerie: goats, horses, geese, chickens, donkeys, and a few other random critters.

These rescued animals are taken to a magnificent place in which to live out their lives. Also, visitors have the opportunity to drop in and spend some quality time with the animals, up close and personal!

Our story opens with a group of cattle chained to posts in their tiny stalls inside a dark barn. It’s hard to imagine that this is all life consists of for some animals. It is truly heart-wrenching to think about such an existence. For one, however, life is about to take a decisive turn.

When the man from Gut Auderbichl enters the room, it’s as though the animal understands what’s about to happen. Even before the chains come off, he begins expressing his gratitude by giving his deliverer an affectionate nuzzle, and a ”kiss.”

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how the liberated animal reacts to his new-found freedom. He’s in a state of pure bliss as he prances around the barn and rolls in the hay.

You can’t help but cheer when you realize what this fellow’s life will look like in just a short while, such a sharp contrast to what he is leaving behind. Enjoy the heart-warming video, below.

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