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Cow Is Rejected By Herd. Watch How This Heartbreaking Beginning Turns Into A Beautiful Happy Ending!

October 09, 2017

Because cattle are herd animals, we rarely see a cow off by himself - especially when they're out wandering in the field. One little Highland Calf’s life started out this way - surrounded by his own kind - but, because destiny had a different plan, it’s not how it ends for this little guy.

Once in awhile, for whatever reason, a herd will reject a new calf. This is what happened to the little one in our story. He was left alone and abandoned, turning his life upside down. Just when all seemed hopeless for the calf, things took a miraculous turn for this defenseless animal, and the outcome is more beautiful than anyone could ever have imagined.

Not wanting to leave this helpless calf all by himself, the family tales the orphan into their home and introduces him to their dogs. Day-by-day this impressionable baby begins to fall more and more in love with his new-found friends.

Soon, his life as a normal calf begins to disappear as he starts identifying as one of the fun-loving canines. He even starts to think, walk, and play like a dog - playfully nibbling on ears, rolling through the grass, and playing tag with his other loyal companions; this calf is happy beyond belief and we can all assume that he feels like he hit the jackpot in life.

When he's not spending time with his furry friends, he can be seen snuggling up to his owners, giving kisses, or relaxing in the house. His family loves him dearly and, in their minds, there's absolutely no difference between him and their other family pets. They show him the same love as they do the other animals, and it's remarkable to watch.

His forever-family allows him to experience incredible memories and joys of life that he never would've encountered if they hadn't given him that chance. It's an adorable video that will warm your heart, especially when you see this cute animal wandering through the field dressed as an Ewok or stealing the show in his stunning Captain America suit. Enjoy!

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