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Crocodile vs. Jaguar - A Fight To The Death - But No One Expected It To Turn Out Like This

March 23, 2018

Nature is stunning, sometimes cruel, but always spectacular. Within the animal kingdom, there is food chain and a pecking order and, no matter how horrifying it may be to witness one creature attacking and triumphing over another, it is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

He spots his prey. Patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity.

A lone Crocodile is sunning himself on a sandbar, blissfully unaware that he would soon be in a fight for his life.

Stealthily swimming across the murky lake, barely causing a ripple in the surface of the water, the Big Cat's eye never leaves the croc.

Approaching from the rear gives the reptile no time to notice his impending doom, or to react in any effective way.

If the croc had been able to spot the Jaguar coming, things in all likelihood might have turned out completely differently, as we all know about the powerful jaws these vicious reptiles possess.

When he reaches the other side, there's no time to lose - and he pounces!

Clamping his massive jaws around the reptile's neck, the Jaguar has complete control of the frantic crocodile. Then, the Jaguar makes his next move - taking his victim back home where he can finish him off away from prying eyes - and potentially another croc coming to his buddy's aid.

The croc is not giving up without a fight, however, as we see him thrashing about desperately in a futile attempt to free himself from the clutches of the powerful cat.

Once across the river, the Jaguar and his prey find themselves on terra firma and the exhausted croc's fate is sealed. The jaguar continues overpowering the exhausted animal until his strength is depleted.

Now it's only a matter of time before the triumphant combatant gets to finally relax and enjoy the spoils of his hard-fought battle.

To witness the capture and conquest for yourself, watch the video, below.

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