Cut Some Plastic Bottles In Half. In Less Than 15 Minutes, You’ll Have A Stunning Garden Display That Will Instantly Spice Up Your Patio Space

September 21, 2017

After the workweek is complete, I enjoy perusing the internet for a fun craft to complete during my weekend. While searching, I’m always on the hunt for projects that fall into the following categories: 1) inexpensive, 2) practical, 3) timely. With those three in mind, I find myself making a rather long list of things to do. Before I know it, I’ve found more than enough crafts to fill the free slots I have in my schedule.

This one I recently came across instantly sparked my interest. Not only does it fall into the three categories, but it also is quite handy! It's a vertical garden that will not only house some of your beloved little plants, but will also liven up any indoor or outdoor space. For this project, you'll need two plastic bottles (cleaned with labels removed), a large piece of wood, spray paint, electrical tape, a drill, screws, scissors and a box cutter.

First, cut each plastic bottle in half. Using your scissors, trim the freshly cut edges to ensure that they're smooth. Next, grab your spray paint and spray the bottles, front and back.

Once dry, add the tape around the rim of each bottle. Using a sharp object, poke holes in the bottom of each bottle.

Drill holes into your piece of wood and securely attach the bottles, cut-side up, onto it. Add potting soil and a plant of your choice to each bottle and hang display wherever desired! Check out the video, below, to watch the full tutorial.

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