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Cute Baby Sloths, Orphaned By Tragedy, Are Given A Second Chance To Learn The Ropes And Live Their Best Life Possible

November 22, 2017

There are times in life when tragedy can threaten to overwhelm us. Luckily, even in the face of adversity, life presents us with second chances, with the help of the right people around us. Take for instance a group of baby Sloths that are dealt some tragic hands in life, but meet a group of Good Samaritans that are determined to give them a new life.

The members of the Toucan Rescue Ranch have a singular purpose in life that they carry out every single day; to rescue wounded and frightened animals and restore them to the lives that they deserve. One of the team's specialties is rescuing baby orphaned Sloths from danger. The team rescues these Sloths at all stages of life, and each of these adorable animals has no mother to take care of them. Their mothers are taken from them in a variety of ways such as dog attacks, deforestation, and car accidents. Even though tragedy surrounds them, these charming creatures are going to thrive in life, thanks to Toucan Rescue Ranch.

The team takes each of these baby Sloths and places them in a sanctuary with other Sloths that are the same age. From there, the learning process begins. Each young Sloth is first taught how to hang and climb from ropes that are suspended between two rocking chairs - to simulate the feeling of climbing on moving branches in their natural habitat. This is only the beginning of the Sloths' new life, but they love every second of it.

The Sloths learn to live with each other in their enclosures, all the while eating the food they need and gaining healthy weight. Each Sloth starts out at "preschool" stage and slowly works up to "high school." Through each phase of their learning, the animals are given around-the-clock care by loving staff members and physicians. The Sloths also learn that they are loved and can survive with the help of the other animals around them, which may be the best lesson of all.

The overall goal is to release each of the Sloths back into the wild so they can live out their days the way they were born to. Once they graduate from their high school phase, the Sloths are put in a gigantic pre-release enclosure where they acclimate themselves to larger environments and develop skills and behaviors they will need when they are released. Once the process, which takes about two years, is complete, the Sloths are released to their new lives in the wild. Thanks to the goodness of the people who dedicate their lives to the salvation of animals, these Sloths' hard beginnings give way to their thriving future! Check out some footage of the process in the video, below!


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