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Cute Cat Plays A Game Of Wits With Mom, Within Seconds Mom Is Shocked By How Smart Her Feline Really Is

September 01, 2017

Have you ever noticed that our pets are way smarter than we normally give them credit for? Seriously, whether it is a cat who learns how to open doors, yes that really happens, or possibly a dog who knows how to get his own food, our pets seem to have wisdom beyond their years and, quite frankly, their species. This wisdom gives our pets the ability to learn new tricks at any given time. While it is said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, teaching a cat new tricks seems to be fairly easy for this mom and her furry feline.

One afternoon, a particular cat is lounging around in her favorite spot in the house. She notices her mom coming in and setting up a camera. The cat thinks this is a little odd but trusts her mom to let her know what is going on when the time comes. The mom sets three small silver cups in front of the cat and tells her that they are going to play a little game. The cat understands now. Her mom wants to show the world just how talented her amazing cat is. The mom puts a small silver bell under one of the cups and begins to swap the cups around, in order to confuse the cat so she does not know where the bell is. The mom stops moving the cups around and waits. Sure enough, the cat puts her paw on the middle cup, which is exactly where the bell is hidden.

The mom performs the same routine and receives the same results so she decides to up the ante by adding a fourth cup to the mix. She switches the cups around again but the cat is not fooled one bit. Using her amazing powers of observation, the feline puts her paw on the correct cup to reveal that the bell is, indeed, hiding under it. Needless to say, this cat may be a little too smart for her own good so her mom had better keep an eye on her! We sure are glad that she catches this amazing trick on video, though, because it goes to show just how smart our pets truly are. Watch the video below to see the trick in its entirety.

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