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Cute Little Girl Caught In The Act Of Stealing Donuts. Wait Till You See What Gives Her Away

September 07, 2017

We've all been there before. Caught red-handed or, in this case, powder-faced! As adults, we can cover our tracks much better than this sweet little four year-old. Little does she know that the evidence of her crime it written all over her face.

Her mom goes into the bathroom for a few minutes; she emerges to find her daughter in the kitchen with white powder all over her face. Her mom asks her, " Emery, while I was in the bathroom did you eat any more white donuts?" Emery is quick to respond as she licks her face, "No!"- Clearly, she has forgotten to hide the evidence.

The conversation continues, with her mom asking her why her face is all white. Emery says, “From a white donut.” Uh oh, she just incriminated herself. Still, Emery stands strong and sticks to her story when her mom asks her again if she had any donuts. "No", she says again. "Not that I told you."

Finally, her mom gets the truth out of her. Next question her mom asks is, “How many did you have?” Emery answers, with a confident response, "11!" causing her mom to burst out laughing.

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