Cute Otters Refuse To Eat Their Fruits And Veggies. Days Later Their Trainer Figures Out A Solution That Surprises Everyone

September 22, 2017

We have all heard that we need to eat our vegetables so we can grow up big and strong. That notion is not exclusive to the human race. Apparently, animals need to eat their greens, too. Two otter sisters named Mango and Apricot don't seem to want to eat their healthy foods, no matter how hard their handlers try. It’s a good thing that there is one trainer present that has the perfect plan to work some fruits and veggies into the otters' diets.

On top of being an excellent animal handler, Rob Gaster is also a quality chef. Rob decides to "spoil" the otter siblings a bit and make some sushi for them. This so-called "sushi" is actually Mango and Apricot's healthy foods wrapped up in the meats that they love. Now it is time to see if Rob's plan will work.

Sure enough, the sushi is a hit with the swimming critters. Mango and Apricot simply love the delicacies that Rob gives them, and they don't even realize they are being duped into healthier eating habits. They may not get sushi forever but, for now, the 'otterly' adorable siblings are living the luxurious life when it comes to their meals. Watch the video, below, to see Mango and Apricot's lovely meal time for yourself!

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