Dad And Daughter Left Home Alone, That Night They Record Something That Has The Internet In Stitches

August 03, 2017

Coming from a dad's point of view, there is nothing quite like making your daughter smile. Not a day goes by when I don't rush home from work, just to see my little girl smile and giggle when I come in the door. There are those special occasions when it is just me and her and, as any dad will tell you, it is on those occasions that you make some of the best memories. Just ask the daddy and daughter duo in this story. They took full advantage of their alone time together and produced something amazing!

When Josh found out that he would be watching his daughter, Audrey, by himself for the weekend, he immediately made all kinds of plans to keep her happy. After a full day of activities, Josh brought Audrey home to get ready for bed. Audrey, however, still had one thing on her list that she wanted to do before bed. She told her dad what she wanted to do and, of course, Josh agreed because he knew how happy it would make his daughter.

So, after setting up a camera, Josh and Audrey put together an adorable dance routine that they then recorded and posted online. Complete with matching pink outfits, Josh and Audrey danced their hearts out together with smiles on their faces. Apparently, their smiles were reflected on the faces of people all over the world because their video has been viewed over 11 million times! Watch the video below and try not to smile as Josh and Audrey dance their way into your heart.

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