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Dad Buys Dog A Kitten. The Internet Is Crying Over The Dog’s Response To Finding Out He’s Going To Be A Brother

April 04, 2018

Our dogs are some of our best friends. Between endless hugs and kisses and the joy they get from chasing a tennis ball, dogs are simply the best. And while we might be able to express our love and adoration to them all day, every day, they don’t have the luxury of verbalizing their feelings back to us.

More than once a day, I find myself talking to my dog and hoping that it will she’ll respond back to me. But, each time she just stares at me with her loving eyes. Occasionally I’ll get a bark from her if she’s really happy. I choose to take barks as her conversing with me.

Have you ever thought about what your dog would say if he or she could talk?

The dad in this next video was inspired by the idea of a dog being able to have full on conversations with him. He made a video recording his dog in a rather excited state and then shared it online. Only minutes after sharing it, the video on gone viral.

In the video, the dad begins with telling his dog, “Remember how you wanted a kitten?” The dog’s face lights up and he gives his dad a huge grin! He can hardly contain himself! His tail begins wagging and he starts bouncing on the floors with immense joy!

The dad and the dog have a conversation, all the while the dog is going crazy! Clearly, he’s excited for something!

Check out the video below by clicking “play” to see how the dad hilariously played voices over the footage. In a hysterical manner, he pretended like his dog could actually converse with him! The dialogue between the dog and the dad has been seen millions of times!

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