Dad Lines Dogs Up For Snack Time, One Dog Gets Greedy And Outsmarts Everyone In Hysterical Fashion

August 10, 2017

It always amazes me just how smart dogs actually are. They seem to learn something new every day. Whether they learn a new trick or simply discover how to get out of the yard, dogs have a knack for being too smart for their own good at times. There are even times when dogs seem a bit smarter than their human counterparts, which was certainly the case with the dog in this story when it came to snack time.

One night, a dad lined all of his dogs up on his bed to give them their nightly treat. All four of the pups waited patiently for their dad to distribute their snacks but little did the dad know that one of the dogs was hatching a sinister plan to get even more snacking than his siblings. The dad started handing out the snacks and, when he wasn't looking, the greedy pup put his plan into action.

Because all of the dogs look almost identical it was not hard for the perpetrator to move to the other end of the line and blend in so he could get another treat. Obviously, that was not enough for him though, because he made his way back to his original spot and got yet another snack. I have watched the video below multiple times and I can't tell if the dad is willfully giving the dog the snacks or if he is truly outsmarted. I choose to believe that the pup is a secret agent that cracked the code to get all the snacks he wanted. Watch the video below to decide for yourself.

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