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Hero Dad Leaps Over Balcony To Save Falling Son's Life, Cushioning His Body With His Own - 'Lucky To Be Alive'

August 22, 2018

Eight-year-old Oscar Lewis was saved from serious injury or death thanks to his fathers quick-thinking and willingness to risk his own life to save his son’s. Now the heroic dad is facing months of recovery after sustaining serious injuries in his brutal fall over a friend's balcony.

The Daily Telegraph reports the “Brad Lewis, 42, smashed his skull when he hit a paved path at a house in Church Point while clutching son Oscar, 8, to his chest to make sure his little boy was not badly hurt in the fall.

The whole dramatic incident unfolded in Sydney, Australia, while Brad and his family were having lunch with friends when Oscar accidentally tumbled over a balcony railing while attempting to retrieve a Nerf bullet from a nearby tree. Oscar leaned a bit too far and lost his balance.

According to the GoFundMe page, “Brad was close enough to see what was happening, lunged at Oscar and managed to grab him, but with Brad's speed and weight headed in Oscar's direction in the hope of saving him, they both ended up going over the balcony.

“During the fall, Brad recalls that he made sure he pinned Oscar to his chest and curled around him so that he could take the brunt of the impact - not Oscar.

“As Oscar toppled over the balcony railing, Mr. Lewis grabbed him, held him close to his chest and curled himself around the boy to cushion his son’s landing.

Although momentarily knocked out, Oscar suffered relatively minor injuries thanks to his father’s actions.

Brad’s injuries are a different story, as he took the brunt of the impact when the pair fell. The Daily Telegraph explains, “It could take up to 12 months for the former army officer to recover from emergency surgery to fix his fractured skull, a broken vertebra in his neck and bruising on the brain.”

Mr. Lewis needed 45 staples aligning his skull to close his head wound, stretching from his left eyebrow to the back of his head and will remain in the hospital for an extended period of time so his other injuries can be monitored.

“Doctors have expressed their astonishment that Brad is in fact still alive having sustained the injuries that he did. If not for Brad's heroic actions it is unlikely that his son, Oscar, would have been so lucky.”

Brad’s friend, Beau, was the first to reach Oscar and his dad and he recalls that all Brad could say was, "Are the kids OK?", "Don't let them see me like this", and, "Don't let me die, mate", as he was fighting to stay conscious.

Now THAT’S a hero! Not a thought for himself, only for his kids and how the tragedy would affect them.

Please join us in sending prayers for Brad Lewis as he fights for recovery. We are so glad that there are selfless and heroic people like him around who are willing to risk their own lives to help someone smaller and weaker.

If you'd like to help the family financially, you can find out how on their GoFundMe page.