Dad Teaches Bullies Who Called His Son A "Monster" And "Ugly", A Lesson On Compassion And Love

September 21, 2017

As parents, we are so protective of our kids. We want no harm to come to them. We want to keep them safe and away from situations and people that may try to hurt them. No matter the precautions we take, we realize we can't always be there and are often unaware of everything that is really going on.

Bullies. We are always worried about our kid getting bullied but what would you do if your kid were the one doing the bullying? Yes, I said YOUR kid. This dad took to Facebook to confront the parents of the kids who were being mean to his son and calling him names.

His son, Jackson, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of bones and facial tissues. When you look at him you can see that there is something different about him, but what's wrong with that? The problem is we teach our kids to all look and act the same in order to fit in, but what about teaching them that ‘different’ is the way to go?

Jackson, who is also nearly deaf, was sitting at a table in the school cafeteria, minding his own business eating his breakfast, when three older boys approached him. They started calling him names like "monster" and "ugly". Lucky for Jackson, a teacher was nearby and stepped in to stop the cruelty. Jackson's father got the call and it made him break down in tears. Immediately, he took to Facebook and said this...

Bezzant wants it to be clear that he feels that Jackson’s school is doing a good job of preventing bullying; this is not an issue with how the school is handling the situation.

He says it’s parents of other children who need to teach their kids to be kind and accepting. “I want parents to see my post and feel my heartbreak. This could be any kid anywhere,” Bezzant says. “Please educate your children and let them know that bullying is not OK.”

“I didn’t think a simple Facebook post would get this big. I just hope this helps,” Bezzant says. “Jackson may not look like your ‘normal’ kid, but he is such a good boy and he’s got a huge heart. That’s what matters.” Jackson has been offered money and gifts which the family is declining, but Bezzant set up a P.O. box for anyone who wants to send Jackson an encouraging card.

Cards for Jackson Bezzant can be sent to P.O. Box 1563 Idaho Falls, ID 83403.

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