Clyde The Dog Really Wanted A Kitten. When His Dad Came Home From The Pet Store His Response Was Side-Splitting Funny!

July 26, 2017

If only our dogs could talk. Have you ever wished that before? It sure would be nice if they could tell us whether or not they like certain walking routes, which food they prefer or if there was something wrong and they needed to visit the vet. It would also be convenient if they could explain why they do some of the things they do. For example, why did you tear the pillow to shreds? Oh, it was attacking you, okay. 


They try to communicate with us by barking and different vocal sounds too. They growl when they think there may be any sort of danger lurking about, they yelp if they are hurt, they howl to bring us to alert and of course, they whine when they need to go out or when they would just like some attention. Dogs not only communicate vocally, they also use body language with their eyes, ears, and tails. I think dogs definitely think that they are communicating with us just fine.


In the hilarious video below the Clyde the dog really really wants a kitten! Yes, that's right the dog wants a kitten. Dad goes to the pet store and comes home and tells the dog all about the different kinds of pets he saw but this dog just wants a kitten. The man who made this video did such an awesome job with the voice over of his dog, it really looks and sounds as if the dog is the one saying that he wants a kitten! Plus, adorable pup Clyde gets extremely excited whenever the word "kitten" is said! Enjoy! 

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