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Video Of Baby Getting Very First Shots Goes Viral For Completely Unexpected Reason. Once You See It, You'll Never Forget It

June 27, 2018

A newborn baby’s life is pretty good. Everyone at your beck-and-call, literally 24/7. Barely a peep has to escape from the beloved bundle’s lips before Mom or Dad comes running ready to satisfy his every desire.

This comfortable pattern goes on for one month, two months, much to the baby’s delight - and the parents’ consternation! As the adults in the household become more and more sleep-deprived, the newborn falls into a predictable pattern of safety and security. What could possibly go wrong?

What can go wrong is that fateful day, usually around two months of age, when the newest family member meets his destiny - the first set of vaccines. The unsuspecting tiny human has no way of knowing what awaits him upon his arrival at the seemingly routine visit to see the nice person in the white coat.

Anyone who has children knows the feeling of dread that overtakes you as you take your innocent infant to meet his/her destiny. The rational side tells you that it’s for their own good and that the pain is momentary - a small price to pay for lifelong protection from many of the world’s most devastating illnesses. But how do you communicate that reasoning to an eight-week-old, completely-trusting child?

For one father, Antwon Lee, his solution was to be with his son Debias every step of the way. He wasn’t going to let his son go it alone as he faced the needle for the very first time.

When watching the video, it’s abundantly clear that Antwon and Debias already have a remarkable bond. As the nurse gave Debias the medicine before giving him the shots, Antwon held him close and tried to comfort him.

“Antwon held Debias’ hand as the nurse came over to give him his shots. Predictably, the baby began to cry as he got stuck with the needles. Antwon bathed his face with kisses and continued to give him words of encouragement.

It seemed as though he was trying to hold back his own tears in the moment. "They did you wrong...I know, I know." Antwon sympathized with his son as he snatched the boy from the examining table once the assault was over.

“I want fathers to be in their child’s life,” Lee said. “Every father should take care of their child and show up for things like doctor’s appointments.”

He revealed that the same day the video was posted his own father passed away, making the moment he had with his son all the more precious. As he grieves his own father’s passing, he is filled with even more gratitude for Debias.

“I signed up for fatherhood,” he said. “And I thank God that I did.”

To get the full effect of the amazing interaction and the adorable father/son moment, watch the video, below.


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