Daphne Was Wandering The Streets Alone, Until A Horrific Blizzard Blew Through Town And Nearly Killed Her

November 30, 2017

Daphne is a gorgeous Yorkie/Poodle mix who lives with her loving family in Philadelphia where she is spoiled rotten. She spends her days wearing all sorts of cute sweaters to keep the winter cold away, and playing with her favorite toy of all - green tennis balls! This amazing pup is always finding new ways to entertain herself - including chewing up things she knows she shouldn’t!

Daphne wasn’t always known by her name though, in fact, she used to go a completely different one - Blizzard. Her loving family isn't her first family either. The true tale of how she came to be with her forever family is quite the sad story.

It was a cold and stormy day in 2016 when volunteers found Daphne wandering alone and scared on the streets during a horrific blizzard. When they got her inside, she was shivering and starving; it was clear she’d been on the streets for more than a little while. Staff scanned her for a microchip, hoping that maybe she’d just wandered away from her home, and someone was searching for her.

Volunteers were ecstatic when they scanned Daphne and found she was microchipped! They quickly called the family and told them they had found their beloved pet. The family never showed up to retrieve her, though. Ten long days passed, and Daphne was finally able to go up for adoption, where she could find her perfect forever home.

When her future family spotted her online, they knew they needed to adopt her immediately! Her future momma jumped into action, knowing the shelter was an hour away and she wouldn’t have much time to reach her. Rain poured down on the streets while she raced to the shelter, making it just in time to save Daphne, rescuing her from another long, lonely night in the scary and noisy place.

Ever since that fateful day, Daphne has been living the good life. This sweet pup loves to race through her yard all day, and curl up on the bed with her adoring parents every night. Even though the start of her life was rather sad and tough, it’s safe to say it all worked out in the end!

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