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Dark Secrets From Kate Middleton’s Past Have Been Leaked, Confirming Just What We’d Assumed About Her All Along

May 11, 2018

It seems as though the love story between Prince William and Kate Middleton has lasted for ages. As far back as we’d like to recall, they’ve been together, forming one of the most iconic and powerful relationships on the globe.

While all we know is the two of them together, it’s hard to believe that before they ever fell in love, they had other love interests. At this point in the game, it’s all a faint memory meant to be long forgotten. Many faintly remember the ex-loves of Prince William, something that is a bit lesser known is Kate Middleton’s past.

When looking deeper into the Duchess’s dating history, though, there’s a very distinctive and noteworthy factor that many people have seemingly dismissed all these years. Before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, and before her ten year dating period with the Prince himself, she had a few other noteworthy beaus. The most surprising part of all is what the gentlemen all had in common.

Long before she met the Duke of Cambridge at university, she dated a fellow named Willem Marx. According to a close friend of Kate’s, Marx was said to be her “first love.” After their period of dating, he went on to pursue a career as a reporter and an author. He is now happily married and the father of a son.

In 2007 when news broke that William and Kate had broken up, Kate didn’t let any grass grow under her feet before finding another beau. She briefly dated Henry Ropner, son of a million-dollar shipping management firm. This relationship only lasted a short time before William and Kate got back together. Ropner is now happily married and continuing to lead a more quiet life.


When Kate first arrived at university, long before her eyes fell on William she struck up a romance with a senior law student named Rupert Finch. They dated for less than a year before officially calling it quits. Finch went on to become a solicitor and is happily married to Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs.


From this collective dating record, we can see one evident factor in Middleton’s dating past: she had a definite type and didn’t stray from what she wanted. It only took a bit of dating trial and error to find her "happily ever after!"

In the end, she married her most perfect match. Seven years of marital bliss later, William and Kate have created a beautiful family together. We cannot wait to see just what the future holds for the royal couple.


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