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Dash-Camera Footage Of Car Barely Escaping Certain Death While Passing Multiple Semi-Trucks Will Have You Believing In Miracles

March 09, 2018

In Russia, a man’s car-dash camera was recording while he was driving on a well-traveled country road. What happened on the two-lane highway was filled that was filled with semi-trucks and commuter cars is nothing short of a miracle.

While driving, the driver with the dash-cam is behind a van and a semi-truck. The other lane is packed with semi-trucks coming in the opposite direction. As the man follows the driving rules in his lane, he sees something that he knows is out of the ordinary.

Just as 5 semi-trucks are coming directly for him, and two other vehicles are in front of him, a vehicle from a third vantage point comes into existence.

Surely, something is not right.

What happened next happens so suddenly that we needed to reply the video multiple times in order to understand. Still, after viewing it several times, we are still utterly confused at how everything happened…

It appears that a car following the long line of semi-trucks coming in the opposite direction of the driver tried to pass. However, because there were vehicles coming to both ways, the passing driver was unable to make the pass successfully. His failure to pass resulted in him swerving off the highway.

The driver must have tried to overcorrect his turn before he swerves back into traffic. This was the most miraculous part; as the driver re-entered the highway from the outside lane, he came directly between loads of cars and semi-trucks.

The dash camera recorded the insanely bizarre footage. This vehicle should have been crushed between the multiple semi-trucks and vehicles. But it wasn’t! In fact, it didn’t even appear to be dented. Instead, it made an unbelievable escape back into traffic...it's truly incredible. It’s almost as if this daredevil of a driver had something supernatural protecting his life...

Check out the incredibly bizarre footage below! How do you think this driver survived? Do you believe in miracles?


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