Daughter Of A Fallen Soldier Anxiously Awaits Her Father- Daughter Dance, But As It Starts, She Nearly Collapses When She Sees Who’s Walking Towards Her To Take Her Hand

November 09, 2017

Weddings are something that nearly every little girl spends her whole life dreaming up. For many, they are filled with overwhelming love, precious memories with loved ones and loads of fun dancing with relatives. Unfortunately, sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of a bride’s perfect day. For a young bride named Mikayla, her wedding day carried nearly every emotion possible.

On October 14, Mikayla married the man she had been in love since she was 4! For 20 years, Mikayla and her groom, Dakota, had been in love and dreaming up their wedding day. Mikayla’s dad, David, introduced them at a summer sports camp and from the first time they locked eyes, they were truly inseparable.

As Mikayla was falling in love with Dakota, her dad and she still remained very close. David was a former US Marine and probation officer who spent his days loving his wife, doing on his sweet daughter and inspiring Dakota, who was dreaming of one day following David’s footsteps to go into law enforcement. By night, David served alongside his brothers in blue. He was a hero in his town and lived in a constant state of selflessness. Tragically, David lost his life while in the line of duty. Mikayla was devastated at losing the first man she had ever loved.

10 years later, Mikayla and Dakota were saying their I- do’s. The dress, the ceremony, and the weather were perfect. The day looked like an absolute dream, but Mikayla was dreading one moment: the Father-Daughter dance.

As the music started, Mikayla prepared for a dance with her stepdad. But, after a moment of silence, someone else took the stage: it was her father’s best friend and former police partner in uniform. Immediately, Mikayla broke down in tears.

The officer held Mikayla as she cried on his arm. Moments later, another officer stepped in to share in the dance with the bride. One by one, officers who had worked alongside Mikayla’s dad stepped up to dance with her. She shared that was truly overwhelmed by her dad’s spirit in each officer.

It was an emotional moment for everyone. David’s best friend, Sheriff Matt Champlin, shared the reason why he surprised Mikayla with such a special dance saying, “We wanted to be able to give her on her wedding day, the little piece of Dave that couldn’t be there, the piece that each of us carries with us every day.” Truly, the man that Mikayla called “Dad” was truly special.

We are so very thankful for these officers who make Mikayla’s day special by giving her such an honorable and special father-daughter dance. She is loved by so many and on we wedding day, that truth was abundantly clear.

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