Daughter's Birth Caught On Tape, What Happened Moments Later Took Her Parents Breath Away

August 09, 2017

As a parent, there is nothing in the world that is as amazing as welcoming a child into your life. Becoming a parent is both one of the most beautiful and scary times in a person's life. But, once that baby is in your arms, all fear leaves and you are overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and love that you never knew you could feel. For the parents in this story, the birth of their daughter was the happiest day of their lives. The newborn, however, did something in the hospital room that made her already unforgettable birth into a priceless moment in time.

The special day of baby Agata's birth had finally come. Her parents made it the hospital without any trouble and they soon settled into their hospital room to await their daughter's arrival. Agata's mother, Brenda, was scheduled for a C section and soon it came time for the procedure. Like any good dad, Agata's father was ready with the video camera so that he would not miss a moment of the special day. The procedure went smoothly and before they knew it, Brenda and her husband were face to face with their daughter Agata.

As dad filmed, the doctors placed Agata on her Brenda's chest so that Agata's face was touching her mother's. Brenda was instantly smitten with her new daughter but what happened next made her heart burst with new fascets of emotion. Little Agata reached her arm under her mother's chin and embraced her mom's face and would not let go. Going as far as to kiss her mother's nose, Agata stunned the doctors and nurses into an awe inspired silence. Watch the absolutely beautiful moment in the video below and try to hold back the tears if you can!

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