Daughter Wants To Listen To Radio With Dad, No One Was Prepared For What Happened When The Music Started

August 09, 2017

Coming from a dads point of view, making your daughter smile might be the best thing in the entire world. It does not matter how embarrassing it might be, if it makes our little girl smile or laugh, chances are we are going to do it. Whether it is watching Moana for the 800th time or playing dress up while attending a tea party, dads are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to their daughter's happiness. That was certainly the case for this dad when his daughter asked him to turn on the radio. No one, however, was prepared for what happened when the music started playing.

One day, little Everleigh and her dad, Cole, decided to get out of the house and go for a drive. The ride was going smoothly but Everleigh noticed that her dad had not turned on the radio. Everleigh politely asked her dad if it would be ok if they listened to some music and Cole gladly obliged. That's when the adorable and hilarious musical compilation occurred.

From the time Cole hit the play button, he and Everleigh heard a plethora of music from all different genres. For every new song came a new outfit and a new wave of laughter from me. Honestly, Everleigh and Cole may have planned this little video but I was not expecting to laugh so hard. Watch the video below and see for yourself why I have watched this at least a dozen times.

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