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Daughter Was In A Coma For Nearly 20 Years. One Day, Mother Hears A Familiar Voice On The Other End Of The Line That Leaves Her At A Loss For Words

January 19, 2018

At the Golden Plains Nursing Home in Hutchinson, Kansas, lives a woman named Sarah Scantlin who has been deemed “The Real Sleeping Beauty.” After sustaining a horrific injury in her youth, her friends and family had long ago given up hope of her ever returning to them. She has completely defied the medical odds after she awoke from a twenty-year coma-like state and began speaking.

In 1984, Sarah and her close friends went out for a night on the town. They stayed out until their hangout closed down for the night. When they were walking back to their car, an accident occurred. Somehow, a car hit Sarah as she was walking. The hit was so forceful that it flung her into the air. As she was falling back down, a car from the opposite direction hit her a second time. Her friends immediately called her parents and 9-1-1. Her injuries were so severe, she had to be airlifted to a hospital 45 minutes from their home. The injuries she sustained were critical and the doctors were unsure if she would survive.

Thankfully, her parents never gave up hope and continued to pray that their Sarah would return to them. Years went by with no change at all. Sarah was able to breathe on her own, but that was it. One day, an act occurred that gave them the biggest glimpse of hope yet. Sarah let out a scream! It left them with myriad emotions. They were delighted that their girl had made a noise but they were unsure if it was joy-filled or pain-filled. After three years, another extraordinary event happened that changed their lives forever.

In 2005, twenty years after Sarah went into a coma, her parents received a call from the facility where their daughter lived. A nurse on the other end of the line said, “I have somebody here that wants to talk to you.” Sarah’s mother said she heard someone on the other end of the line say, “Hi, Mom.” She gasped at the voice! “Sarah? Is that you?!” she exclaimed. “Yeah,” Sarah said. Her mother, overcome with joy, asked, “Well, what are you doing?” Sarah replied, “Nothing.”

“It’s like hearing your baby first starting to talk. It’s the same elation I had the first time I heard her say ‘mama’,” her mother said. “That was a huge ray of sun beaming through this dark cloud,” her father said happily. While doctors are at a complete loss as to the hows and whys, they all rejoice in the fact that Sarah is miraculously back with them in some capacity. She can respond, start conversations, and even read.

Her recovery has sparked the attention of thousands and has inspired everyone who has heard her story. Because of her, many have learned to never give up on the hope they have for another, and that recovery is possible! Check out the full documentary, below, to see Sarah’s unbelievable story in its entirety.

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