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Watch This Deaf Great Dane Communicate By Sign Language Commands

May 03, 2017

Max the Great Dane is an absolutely adorable guy. According to his owners, he really enjoys spending his time lounging around, taking frequent naps and yawing - a lot!

Now I'm not saying that he's lazy, but his hobbies tend to lean that way. When you're that cute, though, who could try to steer you otherwise? 


Not only is Max super cute and lovable, but he also is pretty unique. Behind those big eyes and long, lean body, you'll find a guy who has had to learn how to communicate a little differently.

Max was born completely deaf. Since he has never had the ability to hear properly, common voice commands are useless.


His owners learned how to properly train him by the use of hand or body commands in ways that he can best understand them. Just like any other dog, Max can also read facial expressions so he knows just how his owner is feeling at any given moment.

Watch the video below to see Max respond to the commands given by his owner. It's absolutely miraculous to see! 

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