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Dean The Basset Hound Loves Nothing More Than A Good Nap. Although, Adventuring Is A Close Second

August 16, 2017

No one can resist the charm of an adorable dog with a playful demeanor. Basset Hounds in particular are a breed that almost everyone can agree are one of the cutest and most charming dogs around. Dogs are a well loved part of the world today, and they can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Dean is an adorable tri-colored basset hound with massive ears and slouchy skin. He was born on February 27, 2014 and his rise to Instagram stardom began when his new family started his account on May 2, 2014! With his droopy eyes and humungous ears, this dog was destined to be a star from the start.

Dean knows what he enjoys, and he’s not afraid to let everyone know it! He absolutely adores food, although pizza is apparently his favorite. To be fair, who doesn’t love pizza? He also enjoys the finer things in life - like a comfortable bed and sticks. Particularly, the biggest sticks he can find.

His love for the water seems to know no bounds, as his Facebook is covered of this rambunctious pup swimming and playing in the water. He always jumps in without hesitation, and will swim as much as he can. He doesn’t just love to be active in the water though, he also loves to just float around on his pool float whenever he can.

Basset Hounds are absolutely great pets. They’re not just adorable with their drooping face and long ears, they’ve got the brains to back it up! These sweet-tempered dogs love nothing more than working with their families, but watch out because if they catch a scent they’re off to follow it! They are also quite tenacious little dogs, and they never let their size hold them back!

Dean’s account now has over 201,000 loyal followers that love to see what this pup is up to! Dean has drawn them in with over 1,910 posts on his account!

Dean is clearly not at the peak of his stardom or he would easily have two million followers. This adorable pup has a great long life ahead of him, and we’re lucky enough to get to see it happen!

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