Dennis Was Overlooked Because Of His Horrific Scarring. When One Woman Saw Past It, His Life Was Changed For The Better

October 19, 2017

Dennis was running loose on the streets of Los Angeles, doing his best every day to survive. He was struggling to find food, and spent his nights alone and terrified, curling up wherever he could. His life was full of fear and hunger, until one day when it got worse. Dennis was trying to cross a road when he was hit by a passing car. He was taken to the shelter where he received the medical care he desperately needed.

Dennis languished at the shelter because no one was willing to adopt this sweet dog. You see, at some point during the ten years of his life we know nothing about, some monster had thrown acid on the friendly dog. He’d lost his fur on the majority of his body, and it would never recover from the horrific abuse.

When no one came to save Dennis’s life, he was placed on the list to be euthanized. Two hours before Dennis was scheduled to be killed, Much Love Animal Rescue raced into action and pulled him. They knew that, with his amazing temperament, it would be only a matter of time before Dennis found his perfect family. He just needed someone to look past the horrific things that had been done to him.

Dennis spent a year in a foster home while he waited for the person who would be able to see past his scarred back and patchy fur. Dennis was at an adoption show one day, hoping to meet his new family, when everything changed. A woman spotted Dennis and knew they were meant to be together. As soon as she held Dennis for the first time she was even more certain, and she quickly filled out the adoption form.

Dennis and his new mom bonded immediately; their attachment was so close it was like they’d known each other their entire lives. As a result of what poor Dennis had suffered, his mom became invested in the plight of stray animals, and began to do everything she could to help other dogs like him. In fact, she quit her job in California and moved to Texas with Dennis to work with a rescue there! It's safe to say that these two finding each other, was the best thing that could have ever happened.

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