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Deranged Stranger Grabs Little Girl Right Outside Her School. Good Samaritan Improvises Brilliant Plan To Prevent The Unthinkable

February 26, 2018

It's a parent's worst nightmare. Your child is abducted by a stranger who intends to do harm. Worse yet, it happens at a time when you aren't there to stop it. I can't imagine anything more agonizing to think about.

One lucky 12-year-old girl named Amy was walking to Lathrop Middle School in Santa Ana, California when a woman ran across the street right toward her. The stranger grabbed Amy roughly and forced her to walk along with her. Thank goodness her Guardian Angel was on duty that day and was prepared for action!!

Another woman who had just dropped off her own child at the same school noticed the scene and, to her, something seemed off. It took only a moment for her to realize that Amy was struggling against the stranger’s embrace. The Good Samaritan, who prefers to remain anonymous, stopped her car, rolled down her window, and confronted the would-be abductor.

She asked the little girl if she was all right, and when Amy replied, “NO!” the heroine knew she had to do something. Raising her voice, she loudly yelled, “Let her go!!” Not sure if that would do the trick, the rescuer was devising a plan for what she would do next.

Startled by the unexpected resistance from someone who appeared ready to fight for the little girl's release, the kidnapper relented and Amy was able to escape to the Good Samaritan’s car. Shaken but otherwise unharmed, Amy’s relief was visible.

After calling the police, the compassionate woman drove Amy to school. Amy’s Aunt, Cinthia Esparza, met them at the school. Esparza was so grateful for the intervention of her niece’s “Angel,” all the while recognizing that, if not for the woman’s selfless actions, things could have turned out tragically.

Police were able to locate the suspected kidnapper and identify her as a transient woman who Amy described as, “Dirty with no shoes.” 34-year-old Claudia Cruz Hernandez has been charged with attempted kidnapping and is being held in the Santa Ana Jail.

As for our Good Samaritan, the only thing she can say is that her mother’s instincts kicked in and caused her to act so quickly. “When you’re a parent and see somebody else’s child in danger you automatically react as if it [were] yours.”

This is exactly what we need more of - someone noticing a need and without thought to her own safety steps in to prevent an unspeakable tragedy. 'Thank you' to this anonymous Good Samaritan. We applaud your courage and admire your humbleness. You are what is right with the world!

To see the entire CBS News Report on the incident, click on the video, below.

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