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Despite A Horrific Car Crash And A Double Leg Amputation, Duncan The Dog Is Defying The Odds And Inspiring People All Over The Globe

August 30, 2017

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, things can occur that are out of our control, leaving us feeling as though our entire world has been turned upside down. When this happens, we’re left with two choices: complain about it or turn your hardships into determination and strength. Duncan Lou Who is an ideal example of a dog who has chosen the latter.

From the moment he was born, Duncan has lived a rather difficult life. He was born with deformed back legs, so severe that he had to have them amputated. While this could be devastating for any animal, Duncan never let that slow him down one bit. He is able to walk and run on his front legs and can get around as well as any four-legged dog. This isn’t the only hardship little Duncan has endured. 

While driving near Yellowstone National Park, Duncan and his family are involved in a car crash. Their vehicle flips five times after hitting a wild buffalo. The family miraculously survives but are overcome with fear when they realize Duncan is nowhere to be found. They call in search teams, family, and hopeful strangers in an attempt to locate their beloved pooch.

In no time at all, Duncan is found safely curled up in the grass about 300 feet from the scene of the accident. His family is overwhelmed with emotion as they finally have their precious pup back, safe and sound. Not only does Duncan Lou Who continually defy the odds, he also inspires many people, across the globe, with his determination and zest for life.

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