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Determined Greyhound Leads Veterinarian On A Two-Mile Journey. When They See The Reason, They Are Left In Tears

August 18, 2017

It’s said that there is no greater force than a mother’s love. After reading this story, that certainly will be proved true. Human mothers and animal mothers like experience powerful and emotional attachments to their young, wanting nothing more than to nurture and protect them at all costs. When they feel as though their young are in need, they go into motherhood overdrive. A woman named Lianne Powell was walking about in a market in Spain when she found a frail, injured greyhound. She could tell that the dog needed medical assistance, and quickly, so she took her to the nearest animal clinic.


There, a veterinarian named Ellen Sobry set the dog’s broken leg in a cast. She noticed that the dog was producing milk which indicated that she must’ve recently given birth. She knew she had to try and reunite the dog with the puppies because without her, they would surely perish. She and Lianne immediately set out on a journey to help the dog locate her young. As soon as they walked outside, the mother dog knew exactly what she was doing. She led them through the city for two whole miles. As soon as she walked near to an abandoned car, the women knew they had reached their destination. Inside, they found ten little puppies!


The mother dog hopped in and began nursing her young. Thankfully, the puppies hadn’t been separated for too long from their mother and were all found to be in excellent condition! They women took them all back to the clinic until the mother dog was healthier and they had found a forever home for the family. Check out the video below to watch the heartwarming story.

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