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World-Famous Actress Slams Media Outlets Afte Paparazzi Comes After Newborn Daughter; Her Words Sent Chills Down Their Spine

January 09, 2019

In the day and age of social media, the mere thought of privacy is a thing of the past. If a celebrity emerges from their home for even a fraction of a second, paparazzi and crazed fans feel it’s their due diligence to capture even the most blurry and hurried images of the sought-after celeb.

Just because paparazzi can take to social media with their finds doesn’t mean that celebs instantly grow quiet. Recently, one megastar proved that enough was enough and took to her Instagram to set the record straight once and for all.

Diane Kruger is the beaming new mother to a sweet little baby girl. Like many other famous parents, Kruger sees the delicate situation her young child is in and is doing everything in her power to prevent her baby’s privacy from being leaked.

Unfortunately, she learned the hard way that it is much easier said than done. In a recent Instagram post, she voiced her true feelings about a recent situation that occurred.

She wrote: “Dear fans, dear non-fans, dear paparazzi and anyone with a conscience. We were just tagged in these paparazzi pictures of me and our daughter. These pictures were taken without our consent and expose a vulnerable and innocent baby.”

Kruger didn’t stop there. “While we understand that some people would like to see a picture of our daughter, we as parents want nothing more than to allow her to grow up in privacy and safety.”

She finished with a bold plea that would send chills and guilt over any paparazzi reading: “Me and @bigbaldhead would kindly ask you to not repost these pictures and help us achieve that goal. Whoever has already posted them, please take them down. Please put yourself in our shoes. We are just like any parent wanting the very best for our child. Thank you for your support.”

Within moments of posting this heartfelt plea, she had over 60,000 likes and numerous comments from well-wishers and fans voicing their support of her stance.

One user even replied, “It must be hard to be a mom with your social status being what it is. That being said, some people lack the common decency to allow you the privacy that you deserve. Often people forget that, although you are famous, you are a person too. Some people are jerks.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We hope that this not only is an eye-opener for those who snapped this shot but also as a reminder to us all if we ever find ourselves in the midst of celebrities in our lifetime. They are human, too, and deserve just as much privacy as the next person.

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