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Did Sarah Ferguson Just Drop Another Massive Hint About Her Future With Ex-Husband Prince Andrew? New Social Media Post Reveals More Than Ever Before

June 11, 2018

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I just can’t resist a good ‘get-back-together story.’ And when it has to do with someone in the Royal Family, it only doubles my intrigue.

That is why I have been following the three-decade-long love story of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, who were married for ten years before divorcing in 1996 and waiting for the day when the two make that long-awaited announcement.

Unlike most divorced couples, the Duke and Duchess of York have maintained a strong friendship over the past 20 years, keeping the interests of their two beautiful daughters, the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, uppermost in their minds.

Naturally, as the two have grown closer over the years, and reportedly still living under the same roof, speculation has run rampant about the possibility of the two reuniting.

With the passing of time, perhaps the wounds have healed and the good about their relationship has taken priority over the betrayal and poor decisions of the past.

While there has still been no wedding announcement as yet, the Duchess of York drops massive hints every so often to lead us to believe that it’s only a matter of time before they make it official.

Take for example her Instagram post in honor of Prince Andrew’s first-ever participation in the Trooping the Colour in his new role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. The Prince’s former wife could not contain her enthusiasm, once again, for her beloved Prince.

If I’m not mistaken, her words are those of a woman in love, not one who has put the subject of her failed marriage behind her. “Very proud of @hrhthedukeofyork Colonel of the Grenadier Guards"

On its own, the post might not have the impact that it has, but coming on the heels of previous posts in which 'Fergie' also couldn’t contain her affection for Andrew, it adds fuel to the fire that's predicting the reconciliation of the two former spouses.

Ever since the February 19th birthday message Sarah Ferguson posted to Prince Andrew’s social media, people have been talking about what she REALLY meant. In the cryptic and very enthusiastic message, Sarah says,

“Happy Birthday to the best man, father, friend. Prince Andrew February 19. Ooh the best looking!”

Now, with her persistence in reminding the Prince - and the world, for that matter - of her undying loyalty to and affection for her ex-husband, Sarah is giving us all more fuel for the theory that the two are destined to reunite. Just like in a fairytale.

We are buoyed by this latest clue, in our hopes that Andrew and Sarah will find themselves back together in the near future. Perhaps they'll use the occasion of their daughter, Eugenie's wedding on October 12th, to thrust the family back into close enough quarters to spark that long-awaited reunion between the Duke and Duchess of York.

What are your thoughts on this highly-romantic speculation? Do you think the two will remain just friends, or do you see more than that on the horizon for this charming ex-couple? Let us know in the comments section of Facebook.

While all views are interesting and exciting, the truth about this affair remains to be seen. Only time will tell, but we sincerely hope it turns out to be true. After all, a love like that strong and enduring deserves to have a happy ending!!

While we're on the subject of Royal couples that have stood the test of time, please enjoy this throwback to the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip - on the occasion of their 70th anniversary!


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