Difficult Birth Leads To Baby Goat's Blindness. Can This Kid Ever Live A Full Happy Life? Watch and See!

October 02, 2017

In life, there are unforeseen situations that can lead us through painful trials and events that are completely out of our control. When this occurs, we have two options: either let the situation get the better of us or resolve to never give up. In this story, you will witness an example of an animal that had a tragic, life-threatening beginning but chose to fight, endure, and live life to the fullest.

Due to a difficult birth, the inexperienced farmers performed a procedure that caused injury to both mother and baby. The mother was unable to survive, leaving the newborn goat orphaned.

Almost immediately the farmers noticed that the kid would not make eye contact. They were puzzled at this unusual development. Because the goat was only 23 hours old, the farmers sought medical attention at The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats. The doctors determined that the baby goat had lost its sight due to her birth injuries.

The sanctuary agreed to take in the sweet kid and named her Hope. Knowing this was a critical time for Hope, one of the caretakers started caring for her day and night, even allowing the baby animal to sleep in bed with her. It was the beginning of a long, hard road for this little goat, but she wasn't willing to give up just yet.

Thanks to daily therapy, Hope has learned her name and has begun responding to other commands such as “stop” and “slow.” Hope is growing by leaps and bounds and is living a blissful life at The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats. She has proven herself to be strong, independent, and unwilling to allow an unfortunate circumstance, such as blindness, to get in her way.

Many would assume that a blind goat would never be able to live a full, abundant life, but little Hope is defying the odds, thanks to all the love and assistance she is receiving. She spends her days loving life at the sanctuary where they spoil her with treats such as chocolate, sourdough bread, and apples. She can also be seen on occasion at the local farmers' markets, where she enjoys meeting new people. Hope, who almost didn't survive her difficult start in life has surprised everyone by celebrating her third birthday. It's a beautiful story that you need to experience for yourself!

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