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Dingo Was On The Streets, Sick With A Fatal Disease. Luckily Rescuers Were Able To Save Him

January 29, 2018

Stray dogs just need a "helping paw"' some days, and one little dog named Dingo needed help more than anyone knew. Hope for Paws is an animal rescue based in Los Angeles, California, that is dedicated to saving dogs whenever they can, however they can. They never give up when their help is needed, and Dingo definitely needed their help.

Dingo was running along a bridge above an extremely busy freeway when Hope For Paws rescuer Eldad found him. Little Dingo was following along behind a passing man, acting like he belonged to him from the very start. When Eldad pulled over and pulled out a cheeseburger, Dingo immediately raced over to him for the food and was extremely happy for the bacon that was offered.

Working carefully, Eldad was able to slip his leash around the terrified dog's head, and Dingo began to fear. He settled down quickly again, and it was clear that his time on the streets hadn’t affected his love of people. When they got him to the vet, they were horrified when they learned how sick he truly was.

Not only did Dingo have a foxtail embedded in his ear, causing an infection, but he was diagnosed with Parvo. Parvovirus is a horrible disease that has killed many dogs and puppies and causes them severe discomfort; it’s preventable with regular vaccinations. The only treatment available to dogs suffering from Parvo is fluids and treatment to keep them comfortable while they fight it.

Luckily, with the veterinarian’s help, Dingo was able to overcome his sickness and time on the street. After getting healthy, Dingo went to a foster home through Cuddly Canines. It wasn’t long before someone fell head over heels for the playful pup, and he was able to go to his perfect home in Seattle, Washington.

Now that he is in his new home with his loving dad, Jimmy, he’s having the best time of his life. He’s learned many new tricks and has even been learning some agility tricks. He’s definitely come a long way from the horribly sick dog who lived alone on the streets, waiting for his perfect forever home.