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Disabled Boy Is Given The Chance To Play In The Team's Final Game. Then, One Of The Opposing Players Helps Make It An Unforgettable Moment

November 10, 2017

We all dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve in our lifetime. In order to achieve these goals, we all need the right people around us to encourage us and be our strength, at times, along our journey. For a boy named Mitchell, his dream is to play basketball, despite having a disability that makes it nearly impossible for him to do so.

Mitchell has a developmental disability that prevents him from grasping certain aspects of life as other people do. Because of this disability, Mitchell's reflexes and response times are drastically slower than other people his age. Even with his love for the game, Mitchell's chances of playing a slim to none. That doesn't stop the young lad from attending every game he can and practicing his dribbling skills whenever he has a spare moment.

In his High School years, Mitchell's passion for basketball is noticed by the Coronado High School basketball coach. The coach loves Mitchell's enthusiasm and offers the young man the position of Team Manager. Mitchell accepts the offer gladly, and the enthusiasm that he brings to the games while he watches from the stands is magnified 100x over when he is sitting on the bench with the players.

Mitchell brings so much positivity and passion to the team that they boys cannot help but play to the best of their abilities. Mitchell relishes in every second he gets to spend with his teammates but still wishes that somehow, some way, he could participate in just one game. Mitchell's teammates and coach know how he longs to play in a game, so they devise a plan to make his dreams come true.

It is the final game of the season and Mitchell walks into the locker room, ready to encourage the team before they head out to play. Mitchell finds the entire team waiting for him, along with the coach and he is confused why they are all looking at him so strangely. The coach steps forward and presents Mitchell with his very own uniform and informs the lad that he will be playing in the final quarter of the game that evening. The entire team cheers, and Mitchell is ecstatic as he puts on his uniform and laces up his shoes.

The final quarter of the game arrives, and Mithcell's team is down in points. This doesn't deter them from their plans, however, and Mitchell takes to the court to thunderous applause from everyone in attendance. Mitchell, with the help of his team, can dribble the ball up and down the court and takes three different shots at the hoop. Although all three shots miss, Mitchell has the time of his life. The other team gets the ball and, with two seconds left in the game, one of the opposing players makes a selfless decision.

Jonathan Montanez, the opposing player, decides to pass the ball back to Mitchell so he can get one last shot before the buzzer. Mitchell takes the shot and, incredibly, it goes in! The buzzer sounds and stands clear as everyone in attendance rushes to Mitchell and lifts him up on their shoulders. Mitchell raises hands in elation; his dream is finally a reality.

When asked about his decision later, Jonathan tells reporters, "I was raised to treat others the way you want to be treated." The reporters ask the coach, "Were you prepared to lose this game?" To which coach Peter replies, "For Mitchell's moment in time, yes." They may have lost their game, but Mitchell's teammates are the real winners on this night. Mitchell will never forget this night; the night he won the hearts of his team and the world!

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