Disgruntled French Bull Dog Is Asked How His Day Is Going. His Adorable Response Has His Mom And Millions Of Others In Stitches

September 05, 2017

Our pets have a tendency to let us know exactly how they are feeling at all times of the day. Sometimes, they have a perfectly lovely day and are keen to lick your face in excitement. Other times, they seem to think they have had the worst day ever and sit around and mope, refusing to look at you. The latter seems to be the case for a French bull dog named Bruley when his mom comes home to find him moping.

Bruley is sitting on the floor next to the couch, quite obviously upset about something. As his mom sits down next to him, he looks up as if he is just waiting for her to ask the question. Finally, Bruley's mom says, "Tell me about your day." This is the cue that Bruley is waiting for. He starts off slowly with some low moans and groans, giving his mom just a little taste of his displeasure. Then, when he is sure he has her attention, Bruley launches into one of the most adorable tirades you will ever hear.

Bruley makes his opinion of his day crystal clear to his mom with a plethora of barks, howls, and wails. At one point you can swear that he actually says, "I'm mad." His mom does not help Bruley's frustrations, however, because all she can do is laugh at how ridiculously cute the little pup is, even when he is upset. Who can blame her!? I would more than likely have the same reaction. It is safe to say that Bruley gets over his temper tantrum in the end but we are so glad his mom catches this adorable meltdown on camera. Watch the video, below, to witness the cuteness for yourself.

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